About & Contact


Robyn Phelan is based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Robyn's professional background is in visual arts, museum, curation and management.  

Working from the Elm Place Ceramics Studios, Robyn is also an avid writer and observer of Australian contemporary ceramics, pottery and art.

Artist Statement

Critiques on ceramic, craft and art history, a sense of place and formal sculptural issues inform my work.

When making, each form begets the next, until groupings are formed. The process of choice and composition of the final display is highly considered and crucial to the personal narratives I wish to convey.

Each object makes obvious the marks of the skilled hand on clay with craft knowledge as the foundation of my material practice. I use the traditional technique of ceramics. Pinching and coiling of stoneware and porcelain is finished with a variety of artist made stains and glazes.

Ceramic objects, by their very permanence, are keepers of memories and tangible holders of stories.


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