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Vessel River & Stones 2018 by Robyn Phelan

Vessel River & Stones  2018

stoneware clay & glaze



Shortlisted for the Kyltie Pate Award, 2018



Artist Statement

Ceramic objects, by their very permanence, are keepers of memories and experiences. Reference to art history, a sense of place and concern the environment inform my work.

About the work

How to capture the essence of a mountain stream, one that I have visited for so many years. The sound, colour, texture and sparkle of water as it rushes over smooth stones and the expiration of vegetation as it is sustained by Delatite River.

Artist Practice

Robyn Phelan works in sculptural ceramics and is based in Melbourne, Australia.
Her professional background is in visual arts and museum education, curation and management. A ceramics practice has been her most recent pursuit. Working from the Elm Place Ceramics Studios, Robyn is also an avid writer and observer of Australian contemporary ceramics, pottery and art.