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Mt Kaolin Remains 2 2009 by Robyn Phelan

Mt Kaolin Remains 2  2009

Porcelain paperclay, stoneware glaze, Jingdzhen tissue decals

h. 30cm, w. 52cm, d. 20cm










My sculptural ceramics is a personal response to ceramic history. While in China I visited what remains of Mt Gaoling. This mountain was the primary source of kaolin that fuelled the nearby city of Jingdezhen’s Imperial dominance in porcelain production.


Mined out long ago, Mt Gaolin has been revegetated by the local community to prevent it from completely eroding away.


Mt Gaolin’s legacy is the porcelain ware of the Song and Yuan dynasty and the desire for pure white clay that spread throughout the world.


Mt Kaolin – Remains is visual metaphor for this story.