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Mountain on Mountain 2009 by Robyn Phelan

Mountain on Mountain  2009

porcelain paperclay, stoneware glaze, Jingdzhen tissue decals

h. 27cm, w. 45cm, d. 15cm

Private Collection











This pair of sculptural ceramics was inspired by the mountain imagery quintessential to Chinese art, ceramic production and, to my great pleasure, the landscape I experienced during my residency in the historic, porcelain capital, Jingdezhen in 2008.


The surface imagery was created using tissue decals. Chinese decals are cheaply and quickly made. These are the decorative mainstay of porcelain production found in factory after factory I visited.


This beautiful decal has been cut, reassembled and applied to a hand pinched, one-off, vessel showing marks of the maker. Mountain Upon Mountain is a play of contrasts and similarities: in purpose, decoration and form between my own practice and the practice of production line ceramics.