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Mountainscape-Two Views 2009 by Robyn Phelan

Mountainscape-Two Views  2009

porcelain paperclay, tisse transfers,cobalt oxide

h. 32cm, w. 42cm, d. 28cm

Siemens Award & Exhibition at RMIT Gallery, 2010


Interview with Evelyn Tsitas about this work.

In 2010, a documentary was made of the legacy ten years of Siemen's scholarships had made on four RMIT arts students. My story features as one of these students here.

Artist statement:

In Mountain-scape Two Views the evocative, blue decoration references two illusionary landscape techniques from Western and Eastern art history.


Two views are placed on each mountain. One view depicts the blue hazy landscape of 16th century painters who devised the use of a vanishing point to create a sense of expansive distance on a flat surfece. The alternate view refers to techniques used in Chinese scroll painting where the eye meanders through a series of symbolic scenarios. Here space is illusive rather than literal.


The choice of unglazed porcelain highlights the translucent qualities of a material that was once deemed more valuable than gold.


I have used mountain forms as a metaphor for enlightenment and achievement. These sculptural vessels tell the story of artistic endeavor. 


Image: Christopher Sanders