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Ornaments for return

18cm (W) x 15cm (H) x 12cm (D)

Robyn Phelan

Ornaments for Return are a series of sculptural landscapes that capture two contrasting horizon lines views, one from the balcony windows of North Melbourne and one of the mountains approaching Merrijig in Victoria’s high country.

Tourists buy souvenirs as a take-away memory. Ornaments for Return acts as a personalised and tangible reminder of my country and city experience.

Growing up in a suburban division in the 1970s was like living life on the periphery of something greater, home was both marginalized from the city and remnant of the country. It whet my appetite for both.

I now live a life divided between two contrasting environments. Unlike the permanent tree-changer or the city dweller who has made a full commitment to rural living, my life would lack balance lived entirely in one of either locations. However, it is immensely fulfilling moving between the two.