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1000 Finches Project - Action

clay, water, video, email, Instagram

Robyn Phelan

This work was made for the Black Finch Project, an artistic political action highlighting the Adani Mine's coal mine will (and did) destroy the habitat of the endangered Black Finch and despite being denied permission four times by traditional owners.

The critical protest was initiated and coordinated by the amazing Charlotte Watson


Instructional letter accompanying clay finch

Dear Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier

Be careful.
This is a handcrafted clay bird, little more than dried mud.
It is fragile, birds are fragile as is our earth.
I have made and sent you this small sculpture to call your attention to the plight of the Black-Throated Finch.

I ask this of you: action and reflection. 

Find your favourite office glass, fill it with water.
Place this glass in the space where you make your most important decisions. 
Take your clay finch and gently drop it into the glass of water.

Watch intently or glance occasionally and you will see the form slowly dissolve.

Every action has a consequence.

I implore you to block the proposed Adani Carmichael mine which will certainly contribute to the mass extinction of the Black-Throated Finch. 

It is as simple as this single action but the repercussions will be great. 

Yours sincerely, Robyn Phelan
Black Finch Project